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From mould to sheet metal

Cold sheet metal processing


MP specialises in cold sheet metal forming for the automotive industry, crafting moulds for metal components through deformation at room temperature or slightly higher. These processes ensure high precision, quality standards, and durability, reducing costs significantly, thereby enhancing production efficiency.


MP serves the agricultural sector by designing and developing metal moulds for professional machinery and equipment. This process ensures that components are durable throughout their lifecycle, offering reliable performance and robustness.



MP is a leader in the furniture sector, providing versatile moulds that meet industry standards and are utilized in the production of furniture and furnishing accessories. Cold moulding enables the creation of pieces distinguished by precise and intricate shapes.



MP's cold molding service specializes in creating moulds tailored to customer specifications for the electronics sector. These moulds are used for enclosures, supports, and connectors, ensuring robustness and protection for sensitive components.

Water treatment

MP manufactures moulds specifically designed for use in purification and water treatment plants. These moulds are designed to withstand corrosive environments, ensuring efficient and reliable wastewater and drinking water management


MP's moulds are tailored to meet specific requirements and standards of electromechanics, ensuring the precision and durability necessary for the reliable operation of electromechanical devices and systems.


Home Appliances

MP is active in the household appliances sector, offering services and molds to support metal components used in washing machines, refrigerators, cookers and other household appliances. It ensures precision and resistance, providing essential parts for the assembly of reliable and durable household appliances.


MP operates in the sports sector by designing and developing molds used in the creation of equipment, always guaranteeing reliable and safe performance.

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Where you can find us

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